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Customer Testimonials


Finally, after eight years of not working out, I have been motivated by Paul to get fit again. My back is getting stronger and I am feeling GREAT!  People are wonderful, workouts are fun, and Paul is an excellent trainer.


For four years I have been getting stronger and stronger thanks to Paul's Strength and Conditioning class and Diane's Tai Chi Class, as well as to the great community of participants at Fit4U.
I am pushing 80 years. Paul's strength and conditioning and the stability ball classes combined with Diane's Tai-Chi class has helped my breathing and movement. The variety of classes have kept me fit through two major surgeries,and If I can do it so can anyone else- join us- it's never too late to get fit.

Trainer. Coach. Mentor. Friend.  I’ve been working with Paul for over three years and am in better shape now than I ever have been in my life and it’s even more important now that I’m entering the senior years.  Paul is a very tuned-in, when training he watches you closely and sees and corrects discontinuities in your posture and movements.  He can tell when a muscle is not doing its job correctly. As a coach he pushes you just to your limit and a little beyond, always watching out for your safety while seeking to set new personal bests.  It’s a little bit of a head game and he is good at it.  He takes great care of himself and it shows and that can’t help but influence your own approach to health and fitness.  During the time I have spent with him in the gym, we have become good friends.  You cannot train without being honest about what’s wearing on you each training day.  We end up talking about work, kids, family and the ups and downs of life – much more than just training, but it’s all connected to your overall health.   A better trainer would be hard to find.

Tom Taylor